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For Families

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Family Time

My Unique Kingdom offers workshops online and in person that is age-based. They are designed for parents and kids to learn alongside each other. They include innovative pedagogical methods based on scientific research but centered around fun!


For Who ? 

They can be offered in community centers, parent associations, and homeschool learners’ groups or a group of parents and their kids.

You can book any session separately. We also have some packages available: 


I am the ruler of my kingdom 

(6-12 years old)

  • KNOW: 

Body anatomy/kingdom science ​


Abuse Prevention, safety rules and Consent  


Positive Body Image


My changing kingdom

(8-12 years old)

  • KNOW: 

Puberty and changing bodies  



Puberty and me Part 2 



Body Image and media


My Kingdom vs other kingdom (10-14 years old)

  • KNOW: 

How different Bodies work 


Consent for me and others 



Gender and inequalities 


The Science Kingdom

(4-12 years old)

  •  KNOW: 

How babies are made (conception, pregnancy)



Healthy Relationships


Body Image 


  • If more than one session is booked, participants will have the opportunity to have anonymous questions that will be answered next session. 

  • We recommend to add the session The Trusted Adult workshop (1h30) for adults only. The session to prepare caregivers to answer questions and be ready to talk about sexual health with the kids.  

Other topics that can be offered upon request 

  • Gender and Sexual Orientation 

  • STI’s 

  • Contraception 

  • Conception and pregnancy 

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  • How long are the sessions?
    5- 7 years old: 45 min. 8-12 years old: 60 min. Adults : 60 min.
  • What is the cost?
    Please contact me at for more information.
  • Can the sessions be offered virtually?
    Yes, all the sessions can be offered online through Zoom.
  • Can the sessions be offered in Person?
    Yes, the sessions can be offered in person (in BC, Yukon or Alberta) through the year. Transportation costs might be added. Our facilitator is based in Burnaby, BC.
  • How many sessions can be booked per day?
    4 sessions can be offered per day.
  • How many adults can participate for each session?
    Maximum 45 adults can participate per session.
  • How can I book?
    You can send an email at You can also click here: Book Now
  • When are My Unique Kingdom available?
    Available any Monday from 9 to 5 pm or after 1.30 pm PST. Other availability upon request at

Ready to book?

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